Cuddlebabe, Unique Baby Blanket
...the Wearable Baby Blanket!
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About Us

Cuddlebabe® came about when an innovative grandma tried to solve the problem of how to keep her grand baby warm, though not overheated, and to be secure in her car seat restraints, yet allow her busy little hands to be free.  Cuddlebabe® was her solution.  Her homemade gift for her newborn granddaughter was the hit of her baby shower, and drew so much attention from other mothers that she began making them as gifts for friends.  When people in libraries, fitness centers and malls began asking where they could get one, she realized there was amazing demand for this unique baby blanket.

We work hard to bring families a high-quality product that will not only keep their little ones warm and safe (visit our Baby Safety section), but will make life just a bit more convenient.  Just imagine a life with fewer baby tears…no need to struggle bending little arms into a snowsuit; no crankiness because they are overheated; less frustration because arms can be free to hold a bottle or toy; and best of all, less chance of waking a sleeping baby since you can simply lift them out of Cuddlebabe® and into their crib. 

It is our goal to put cuteness back into infant outerwear!  Expect to draw crowds when they see your little one in this cute, cuddly, infant fleece wrap. That Wow! reaction ensures Cuddlebabe® will make a unique baby shower gift.



Cuddlebabe® Wrap

Cuddlebabe® is made of easy-care 100% polyester fleece.  The edges are also bound with fleece, providing a soft and cuddly cocoon.  Flaps close around your baby to keep him warm, and can be flipped open when indoors to keep your child from overheating.  A large opening in the back allows the restraint belts to cross directly over your baby’s body, which keeps her safer without bulky jackets or snowsuits in-between (visit our Baby Safety section).  Cuddlebabe® is designed to stay in car seat or stroller all the time – your baby easily slides in and out as you rush through your busy day.  It’s a snap to lift a sleeping baby out of Cuddlebabe® and directly into their bed.

Cuddlebabe® Gift Set

The Gift Set includes the original Cuddlebabe® Infant Wrap and the new matching fleece Blankee. The 14”x14” Blankee is trimmed and backed in luxurious, coordinating, washable satin. By adding this silky touch, perfectly sized for little hands, your baby will quickly choose the Blankee as his ‘soother.’


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