Cuddlebabe, Unique Baby Blanket
...the Wearable Baby Blanket!
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Product Features of Our Unique and Creative Baby Gift

Cuddlebabe® Infant Wrap

Our Cuddlebabe® infant wrap is crafted of high-quality, 100% polyester fleece in eye-catching prints. It is the most uniquely designed fleece baby "blanket" you'll ever find. Cuddlebabe® is designed to be car seat and stroller compatible and is best-used when kept in the seat permanently. There is no need to struggle with dressing your baby in a snowsuit…simply slip your baby into the warm and snuggly Cuddlebabe® in regular indoor clothing, pull the straps through the open back and buckle the belt. Restraint belts will now sit securely on your baby's shoulders without any bulkiness or special adjustments…increasing your baby's safety.* (see our Baby Safety section).

empty baby wrap
Cuddlebabe® stays in
the seat Ready to Go
baby wrap with open flaps
Flaps fold out
for comfort
baby wrap with flaps closed
Flaps fold in
for warmth


  • Safety first!  The open back & unique flaps allow your baby to be securely belted with nothing between the child & the belts
  • Compatible with all safety restraint systems
  • No jackets or other blankets needed
  • Our 3 flaps provide 3 layers of blanket to keep your baby warm all winter
  • Simply adjust the flaps to change the level of warmth needed
  • No more overheating, over-bundling, or sweaty back
  • Cuddlebabe® stays in the seat & is ready for your next outing
  • Easy-care fleece machine washes & dries like new every time
  • Cuteness, comfort, and convenience make it the perfect baby gift


For more information,
Infant Wrap demo
See Our Cuddlebabe Video Demo!

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Cuddlebabe® Gift Set

Our Gift Set contains the Cuddlebabe® Wearable Blanket and adds a 14"x14" matching fleece blanket sized for tiny baby hands. Babies love to cuddle the coordinating washable satin trim covering the back and edges of the Blankee. The Blankee is only available in the Gift Set.

Gingham Patchwork Gift Set
Gingham Patchwork Gift Set
Warm Hearts Gift Set
Warm Hearts Gift Set
Zooey Pastel Gift Set
Zooey Pastel Gift Set



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