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Cuddlebabe® Infant Wrap Testimonials

Cuddlebabe blanket keeps baby warm & cozy

"I love it because it's so easy to use and so cozy and keeps him so warm."

Karen T.
Washington, D.C.

"We started using the blanket you got for Charlie when he was born. If you have not seen one of these up close they are very cool. It is a thick fleece blanket that swaddles the baby and has an opening in the back that you can feed the car seat straps through. He can stay completely wrapped up all the time AND be in his seatbelt. The blanket is so soft and warm that every time we put him in the car he falls asleep. We thought you should know that your gift was very thoughtful and very useful."

Brad and Mandy
Seattle, Washington

Emma, Logan, and Hannah
triplets wearing Cuddlebabe infant wraps

"We found a new way to use our Cuddlebabe. We were (Christmas) tree hunting and bad mama didn't dress Jonah warmly enough and forgot his gloves. So we turned the cuddlebabe around and used the legs for arms and it made mittens! It helped keep him nice and toasty!"
Note: Those flaps could have made a great lap blanket!

Patti W.
Bel Air, MD

Harrison is a big boy at six months and is wearing the new Large size.

Harrison wearing Large Cuddlebabe

“He loves to be in that Cuddlebabe and his toes still have some room to grow.”

Scott M,
Timonium, MD

"I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your product. I had a Cuddlebabe blanket with my daughter and it was amazing! She was a January baby and I loved knowing she was warm and cozy as well as SAFE in her seat! I am currently pregnant with a little boy and will be purchasing another for him! Thanks for such a great product!"
(Linsey H., Indiana)

"I have to tell you that I turn to CuddleBabe for EVERY baby gift need that comes along in my life!  It is so easy, and I have had wonderful feedback.  Everyone LOVES them.  My cousin's daughter said Oh my gosh, I had SEEN one of these but didn't know where to find them!"
(Karyn R., Maryland)

"So here I am to say how much we love our cuddlebabe! That's all Brody has used so far this winter!  Brody looks so cute in it and we love that he isn't so hot as he always is on any coat we put on him. I will reorder again for presents.  This is a great adorable wrap, we so adore it and you for designing this to help all those little babies look adorable and not get overheated! "
(Carol S., Ellicott City, MD)

"I can’t conceive of wrapping a baby in the car seat any other way!  I was so happy to be able to swaddle my son when snuggled in the infant seat, knowing he was properly fastened unhindered by blankets.  Then there was the ease of removing the Cuddlebabe® when I could tell he was warm enough as we drove distances.  Since it’s not designed for one brand of car seat, the Cuddlebabe® also transferred with him to the larger car seat.  Bottom line:  The Cuddlebabe® is an ingenious way to wrap (and unwrap) your baby – I will never fuss with blankets over the car seat again!"
(Colleen M., New Jersey)

"Thanks so much for the Cuddlebabes®.  They are perfect – what a great design – we always struggled with the heavy jackets and adjusting the car seat and then they burn up once in the car."
(Amy D., Colorado, mother of twins)

The fabric was so soft and plush that my older girls played with their dolls in it after Tara outgrew it.”
(Arlinda S., Maryland)

“I loved the big opening in the back so I could slide the Cuddlebabe® down – which made the legs longer as my daughter grew.” 
(Jeanine H., Maryland)

“My second child spends most of her time in her infant-carrier as I chauffeur my older son to all his activities.  This is a fantastic idea!  So much better than zipping her in and out of that hot, bulky snowsuit.”
(Ann Y., Maryland)

"It was the hit of the baby shower!"
(Dixie R., Maryland)

"I think it is an awesome idea and will certainly recommend your product to friends and family."
(Brenda R., Massachusetts)

The (Cuddlebabe®) fleece blanket will be great for winter, and I love how soft it feels!"
(Karin B., Maryland)


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