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Baby Safety

We care deeply about the safety of your infant. Here are some important facts:

Seat belts must fit snugly on your child. Cuddlebabe® reduces bulk under the seat belts that can compromise a safe fit because bulky jackets and snowsuits are no longer necessary. Our product's layers of warm fleece provide sufficient warmth, and can be adjusted easily by opening the flaps to prevent overheating. Our innovative design keeps the back open so no layer of fabric comes between your child's body and the safety restraint belts.

Here is what child-advocate web sites have to say about seat belts and your baby's safety:

“Dress your baby in clothes that keep his or her legs free. This will allow you to buckle the latch crotch strap properly between the legs. If it's cold outside, harness your baby first and then cover him or her with a blanket (never cover your baby's head). Never buckle a blanket under or behind the baby. . . Never place any kind of padding or blanket under your baby – this can affect the harness's ability to restrain your little one."

"Car Seat Safety Check: 8 Common Mistakes You Must Avoids"

Mistake #2 - Harness too loose on the child
Test your seat: "If, after you've tightened your child into his car seat, you can still pinch the fabric of the harness straps between your fingers, the harness is too loose."

Q: "Can I adjust the straps when my baby is wearing thicker clothing, like in the winter?
A: Yes, but make sure the harnesses are still snug. Also remember to tighten the straps again after the thicker clothes are no longer needed. Dress your baby in thinner layers instead of bulky coat or snowsuit, and tuck a blanket around your baby over the buckled straps if needed."

Cuddlebabe is safer - no layers between the seat, safety belts, and your baby. No need to remember to adjust the belts when the weather/outerwear changes, either!

Overheating is linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Far too many parents over-bundle their babies. Cuddlebabe®'s unique flaps open and close with a quick flip so it's easy to un-bundle as needed. Also, the large opening in the back prevents a sweaty back - which is a sure sign of an overheated baby.

Here is what experts say about SIDS and overheating:

Risk Factors for SIDS

  1. Image of teddy bear in purple box “Tummy (prone) or side sleeping
    Infants who are put to sleep on their tummy or side are more likely to die from SIDS than infants who sleep on their backs.
  2. Soft sleep surfaces
    Sleeping on a waterbed, couch, sofa, or pillows, or sleeping with stuffed toys has been associated with an increased risk for SIDS.
  3. Loose bedding
    Sleeping with pillows or loose bedding such as comforters, quilts, and blankets increases an infants risk for SIDS.
  4. Overheating
    Infants who overheat because they are overdressed, have too many blankets on, or are in a room that is too hot are at a higher risk of SIDS.
Tips for Reducing the Risk of SIDS
“Avoid overheating: The infant should be lightly clothed for sleep, and the bedroom temperature should be kept comfortable for a lightly clothed adult. Over bundling should be avoided, and the infant should not feel hot to the touch.”
Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention from USA Today, Health Encyclopedia:
• “if infants are overheated (faulty body temperature control) - Over-swaddling or heavy bedding may make the body work too hard to keep down body temperature.”

Parents are often hesitant to unwrap their sleeping child so as not to waken them.  Cuddlebabe®’s unique design avoids that problem with our easy-to-unwrap flaps.  Simply flip them open without ever disturbing your infant, thus avoiding overheating.  And easily close them when needed.  It’s just that easy!


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